To Book Your Dam Dives Call Us Now At 1-702-542-8023

We go out 360 days a year.   Non divers are welcome to come along.

Dives to Book!

Dives come with tanks, weights, water, and snacks included

The Hoover Dam Dive Tour

  Sites:   The Dam Crack - The Aggregate plant - Track Hopper - Agg piles

  Dive level:  Beginner to Tech, theres something for all dive levels on this one 

  Cost:   $149 for 2 dives - $199 for 3 dives - 3rd dive comes with a free underwater scooter

  Gear:   Full rental gear available for $50   

Group Trip Dive Deals

  Sites:   The sites will be your choice

  Dive level:  Beginner to Tech, theres something for all dive levels on this one 

  The Deal:   Bring 5 get 1 free - bring 10 get 2 free

  Cost:  6 divers:  2 dives $745  -  3 dives $995  - savings $150 or $200

  Cost:  12 divers:  2 dives $1450 - 3 dives $1990 - savings $300 or $400

Call Now and ask how to get the ultimate Dam tour added to your trip!   1-702-542-8023

Colorado River kayak and drift dive

Sites:   Ring Bolt rapids - Emerald cave - Picture from the bottom of the dam


Dive level:  Any level - Light drifting - easy kayak paddle down river from the

                                 base of the dam - switch to boat at ringbolt site -

                                 Viz is awesome in the river all year -


Cost:   $199 for 2 dives and kayak -  dives come with kayak, a free underwater scooter -                             Van ride back to the Hoover Dam Lodge -

The Lake Mead B-29 Bomber Dive

  Sites:   B-29 site launching out of echo bay

   Dive level:  AOW - Nitrox - Extreme Excellent Bouncy Skills  are a must!

  Cost:   $450 for 2 dives - Tanks not included - We have steel 117s for rent with 30 percent                             nitrox for $35 per tank - You are welcome to bring your own tanks


  Site:               The PBY

  Dive level:  Tech 50 or equivalent deco procedures 

  Cost:  $149 for 2 dives -  must bring your own gear and come with a buddy -

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