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Scuba Instruction

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When you do your instruction with Las Vegas scuba you get to do it from the luxury of a boat!

If you would like to do your scuba classes from the shore in the dirt and muck, and break your car diving down a rough 10 mile dirt rode then your in the wrong place!

But if you want to park your car in a parking lot,     have everything ready waiting for you,    have clean restrooms,  a restaurant for breakfast or lunch,   and most of all a super fun boat to dive off of,  then your in the right place!

B-29  Training! 

If you would like to Dive the B-29 but you do not qualify! Don't worry with a little hard work we can get you were you need to be!

what you need

if you are starting from scratch .  

Here is the path to

B-29 success!


open water -

advanced open water -

deep specialty -

nitrox -

advanced nitrox -

 if you want to dive in the winter time - dry suit -


 You must have 50 dives and all classes complete with in 12 months of the date you pay for your fist class

Please note that these rules could change because we do not make the rules NPS makes the rules and we MUST follow these rules period!!


We are saving 5 spots out of the 50 that we have been granted for 5 lucky Las Vegas locals that are committed to diving in Lake mead!  If you are interested please get on the list below to be considered and we will get back to you shortly thanks.

B-29 Local 5 List

Thanks for submitting! we will get back to you ASAP!

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scuba diving Las Vegas
scuba diving Las Vegas
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