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Lake Mead scuba diving

Scuba diving Las Vegas

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We go out 360 days a year.   Non divers are welcome to come along.

Dives to Book!

Dives come with tanks, weights, water, and snacks included

The Hoover Dam Dive Tour

  •   Sites:  The Dam Crack - The Aggregate plant - Track Hopper - Agg piles

  •   Level:  Beginner to Tech, theres something for all dive levels on this one 

  •   Cost:   $149 for 2 dives - $199 for 3 dives - 3rd dive comes with a free underwater  scooter

  •   Gear:   Full rental gear available for $50   

Colorado River kayak and drift dive

  • Sites:   Ring Bolt rapids - Emerald cave - Picture from the bottom of the dam

  • level:   Any level - Light drifting - easy kayak paddle down river from the base of the dam - switch to boat at ringbolt site. 

  • Cost:   $350 for 2 dives and kayak - dives come with kayak, a free underwater scooter -  Van ride back to the Hoover Dam Lodge -

The Lake Mead B-29 Bomber Dive

  • Sites:   B-29 site launching out of echo bay

  • level:   AOW - Nitrox - Extreme Excellent Bouncy Skills  are a must!

  • Cost:  $450 for 2 dives - Tanks not included - We have steel 117s for rent with 30 percent  nitrox for $35 per tank - You are welcome to bring your own tanks


  • Site:    The PBY

  • level:  Tech 50 or equivalent deco procedures 

  • Cost:  $149 for 2 dives -  must bring your own gear and come with a buddy -

Group Trip Dive Deals

  • Sites:  The sites will be your choice

  • level:  Beginner to Tech, theres something for all dive levels on this one 

  • Deal:  Bring 5 get 1 free - bring 10 get 2 free

  • Cost: 6 divers:  2 dives $745  -  3 dives $995  - savings $150 or $200

  • Cost: 12 divers:  2 dives $1450 - 3 dives $1990 - savings $300 or $400

Call Now and ask how to get the ultimate Dam tour added to your trip!   1-702-542-8023

Las Vegas Scuba diving 


Scuba diving Las Vegas

Las Vegas scuba is a Lake Mead scuba dive boat located near the Hoover Dam. We provide scuba diving opportunities to dive the historical dive sites of the Hoover dam in Lake Mead. You must have an open water scuba certification to do the scuba diving sites we have set up off of our boat and dive shop.

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