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Las Vegas Scuba is the only fully certified and insured Comercial scuba diving business for miles from Lake Mead and Las Vegas!

Sunken boat recovery
Sonar scanning 
Bathemetry Chart building
Building and installing anchor blocks 
Building boat launch ramps
Marina construction or repair
Break water build or repair
Boat survey 
Underwater boat repairs
Finding lost items
Wire rope cable replacmant 
Underwater marina structure survey 
Golf cours pond repairs
Zero visibility situation 


Comercial scuba diving is not to be taken lightly.  If you have a project that is in need of a Comercial scuba diver chances are it is a dangerous situation or very expensive situation in need of a professional, not an everyday diver that looks at pretty fish on there days off from there real job!  The Las Vegas Scuba Comercial dive team does Comercial diving everyday!  We have taken on some big projects including succesfully moving 2 marinas thousands of feet.  We can handle any project large or small with in the depth of 100 feet.

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