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   Thank you for your interest in the Historical dive site of the lake Mead B-29. 


 Our permit runs for 2 years! Starting from September 1, 2020 thru August 31, 2022.  We are limited to just 100 client dives, per calendar year. We will be offering a 2 dive and 1 dive option! 

The B-29 will vary in depth throughout the year. Lake levels range from 100 feet to 125 feet.  It has an 87-foot traverse from the mooring line to the tail section of the plane. In total it's a 420-foot-long swim. 


 Minimum certification for this dive =  AOW certification, Nitrox.


Due to the location and extremely sensitive nature of the B-29 site, exceptional buoyancy and fin skills are a must.  If the silt on the plane or the lake bottom is disturbed it can take 24 hours for it to settle. 

Additionally, you must be completely familiar with all of your equipment, and all peripherals such as flashlights, must be clipped off to your BCD to ensure nothing falls or hits the plane.


If you touch the B-29 your dive will end immediately!!!


  Please understand that there will be absolutely no buoyancy issues tolerated and the dive guide will hold the right to end your dives at any moment for any reason they feel necessary.    Once you have picked your dive date and paid for your seat there will be no refunds.   

The Dive guide will be assessing your dive skills as you descend down the line and as you swim along the 87-foot float line to the B-29.   At this point the dive leader will either continue the dive or turn back based on the suitability of the divers.

 Being able to stay trim, ascend and descend horizontally slowly and in control is a must!  Including a slow horizontal descent to 15 feet, stop, continue to the bottom without touching the bottom, then swim along the float line without touching the line or swimming with your hands.  If you do not know how to hover horizontally you need to practice these skills before you sign up!

  We have set forth very strict guidelines to protect the preservation of the B-29 and to make sure everyone is safe and has a good time!  Please be real with yourself! If you are not ready and you really want to do this dive, then get ready!  Please Do not waste your time and money if you are not at the appropriate skill level! That will be a serious bummer for everyone involved if we have to put you back on the boat, and cancel your dives!




If the Captain cancels because of weather or any other reason necessary, you will be rescheduled for an available date of your choosing. If the Lake is closed down because of the Coronavirus you will be rescheduled having first choice from a new list of dates. If you cancel you will not be refunded!  Due to the very limited number of spots available. Rescheduling will not be guaranteed. 



The bottom times will be separated into 2 different groups:

·         If you have tech 40 or equivalent you will be given a total dive time of no more than 55 minutes.

·         For NDL divers you will be given a max 20-minute bottom time or a specified turn time depending on your sac rate while diving the site.


Additionally, The B-29 is located in the Overton Arm of Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  Bottom temperatures are in the -50s to low 60s depending on time of year. We will be scheduling our dives in the winter time because visibility will be optimal. This means a drysuit will be highly recommended. No less than a 7mm with a hood, gloves, and boots will be allowed.


This is the National Park Service Video of the Dive Site covering the dive and the history of the site and a requirement for all divers to view prior to diving the B-29.




 The cost for the dives will have 2 options


$450 for 2 guided dives.

$350 for 1 guided dive.

 Tank rentals are not included in the dive price. We require you use no less than a steel 100 tank with nitrox. You are welcome to bring your own tanks. 


 We will have available for rental, steel 117 tanks with 30 percent nitrox at a cost of $35 per tank. 

 We now have for rental= banded doubles with manifold and 30 percent for $125 


 If you are a closed circuit diver you will be required to bring everything you need. We have 100 percent on board the boat filled to a max of 2k that you can use to transfill your o2 and a 149 filled to 3500 for dill with 21 percent needed. Weights will be included in the dive price. 


  Cameras will be considered for the second dive only.  Our dive leaders will be equipped with a GoPro 9 black and will be recording every dive.  You will be able to pose in a few pre-selected locations. We will have edited video available for you to purchase of your dives if you choose.   We will only allow a GoPro attached to your person, No retractors or anything that disconnects will be allowed. There will be some exceptions to this rule for professional underwater videographers and photographers but this will need to be set up in advance. If bringing a camera on the first dive is a must for you then you will be required to do check out dives with us on the Hoover Dam dives before your scheduled date on the B-29.


 We will have a shuttle van to pick you up from the strip hotels to echo bay launch ramp for an additional $100 this will include the NPS fees. You can also use your own means of transportation if you choose, and park at echo bay.


 Available dates

 We are now booking, and only have a small number of divers allowed left.  We will have availability every 1st, 2nd, and 4th week and week ends of every month until all spots are filled.  We will work with groups of 4 on dates if you would like to book throughout the week days. 


 Please call if you have any questions or are ready to book your date, 1-702-542-8023    

 If you sign up to to do the dives with us, there is a B-29 in riverside California you can check out before your dives at the March field air Musium.